Perfume and woman


Perfume is a sign of a woman

Because the smell of fragrant women

Women and perfume, like a senior secret date,

Even when spraying must have such a sexy ceremony:

Life, many girls will spray perfume, but really know how to spray perfume, spray on the little, if you do not want to be a fragrance to avoid people to avoid the sister, then look below the most suitable parts of the perfume spray Right now.

Wrist (sexy index 85%)

Wrist is not only used to wear jewelry yo, wiping perfume in the wrist, when your hands gently through his neck when the time, certainly make his heart swaying.

Apply method: Apply to the pulse site.

Fragrance Recommended: floral notes, lily, clove, raspberry fragrance to lead him into the mysterious love game, smear in the pulse area.

Back (sexy index 90%)

Imagine, when you say that the back zipper pull on the time, invited him to pull you, he sniffed the fragrance behind you, whether it can hold it.

Apply method: Apply on the shoulders and spine.

Fragrance Recommended: orange flowers, violet, black lilac, Indian rosewood dumping a touch of sweet flowers is a fashionable declaration of women's independence.

Neck (sexy index 95%)

Perfume spray in the neck of the beauty can not have to say, when he gently from behind to live around you, want to whisper in your neck, so ambiguous atmosphere, not elaborate.

Smear method: gently applied in the earlobe, extending to the rear neck.

Fragrance Recommended: floral notes, mandala flowers, yellow roses and vanilla building the sky is absolutely insurmountable traps.

Chest (Sexy Index 98%)

Chest looming gully let love can not stop, let alone also exudes a touch of attractive fragrance it.

Smear method: gently apply in the chest can be.

Scent Recommended: Floral notes + acetaldehyde tone, as Marilyn Monroe's pajamas, the interpretation of women's graceful and elegant.

Body (sexy index 100%)

If you can not touch his preferences, that the perfume spray the body, basically nothing lost friends.

Apply method: first spray perfume spray over and then flutter in the perfume down to the place, rotate a week, so that perfume will be evenly sprinkled in every place of your body.

Fragrance Recommended: warm oriental tone, diffuse orchids, orange blossom, musk and amber and other charming aroma.

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