Spring sultry, love skin beauty if flowers


Spring back to the earth, all things recovery, the new reincarnation, do you want the skin beautiful? Wake up skin beauty, glow love muscle new glory: clean the first step, replenishment is king, sun is more important.


If the pores of the dirty things more and more, our skin will become increasingly dull. Pores do not get through, no more nutritious skin can not absorb. Thus, skin cleansing is particularly important, simply use cleanser is not reach the deep clean, the purpose of killing mites.

Xiao Bian Recommended: An Fu Lan essential oil cleansing salt.

Recommended reason: deep clean, detoxification, moisturizing tender and delicate muscle.

How to use: Take the amount of cleansing salt dissolved in the basin cleansing


Early spring easy to blow cold, deepen the skin dry, followed by skin dry skin from the skin, swelling and allergies and a series of skin problems. The key to solving this problem is replenishment! Pay water to be early in the evening three hours, this will be more effective.

Xiao Bian Recommended:

As early as: Amway Lavender Equilibrium Revitalizing Lacquer + Lavender Equilibrium Activated Milk

Recommended reason: excellent moisture, to stimulate vitality

How to use: After cleansing every morning, take appropriate amount of facial application

In: Amway Lavender Pure Lu

Recommended reason: timely replenishment, emollient slow muscle

How to use: Always spray on the skin

Late: Ampoule balanced moisturizing compound essential oil

Recommended reason: rapid replenishment, anti-aging

Usage: After cleansing every night, drop the amount of facial massage 2 to 5 minutes


March is not sunscreen, May spot up. Although the sun is soft, but the sun is very strong, it is easy to tan skin, so the sun is very important.

Xiao Bian Recommended: Amway white sun milk

Recommended reason: safe sunscreen, whitening skin

Usage: Apply to the outermost layer of skin care, outdoor use every 4 hours smear once.

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