How do beginners choose aromatherapy factions?


In France, aromatherapy is a method commonly used in the treatment of patients with diseases such as the medical industry, skin, endocrine, gynecological, psychiatrists and so on.

In Germany, the representative of the aromatherapy institutions: German Association of Aromatherapy, in 1980, Germany will be used for disease treatment and emotional treatment, a large number of clinical evidence. Germany has now incorporated aromatherapy into health insurance.

The Australian Aroma Association (AAMA), founded in 1958, sees aromatherapy as a therapy that can be applied by different health care specialists, arguing that aromatherapy has its own independent category.

In the UK, the representative of the aromatherapy institutions: IFA (International Aromatherapy Therapists), founded in 1985 in London, one of the largest and most authoritative institutions of international aromatherapy. Has long been leading the international development of international aromatherapy. In the UK, only an aromatherapy therapist or group can have an aromatherapy studio.

In the United States, the representative radiotherapy agency: NAHA (National Aromatherapy Association), founded in 1990, in the United Kingdom, only qualified practitioners with aromatic therapy therapist or group to open the aromatherapy treatment room.

France, Germany, Switzerland: Apply aromatherapy in medical institutions.

Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan: In the psychological treatment room, cancer rehabilitation center, hospice hospital, such as the establishment of aromatherapy.

In China, aromatherapy into about 15 years, more and more people began to oil from the beauty salon out of the reference to the home life. Essential oils are plant blood, plant hormones, which are very similar to human hormones. Have from the body, mood, mind three balance of the ability to adjust the body to the balance of physical and mental health to maintain the situation. If the use of essential oils can be in-depth home life, you can rebuild the medical rehabilitation system, for the people to carry out a "natural gift" of the health of the road. At present, the domestic essence of fish and fish mixed, a lot of aromatherapy do not have the role of essential oils, consumers should choose a professional SPA club.

If China also set up preventive medicine, that aroma therapy will be included. Aromatherapy in China's development prospects are very happy, we do not put it in the same level with the general beauty salon things. At present, China needs a lot of aromatherapy practitioners, is a big gap in human resources.

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