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2003-04-04 The state's key new product finds--Functional fruit and vegetable products

2003-12-01 State enterprises based on high-tech products

2003-04-01 Spark national projects identified—Process of new fruit and vegetable processing technology series of technical studies

2003-05-01 State finds high-tech products--Fruits and Vegetables handicrafts items

2004-01-01 Process of new fruit and vegetable processing technology and industrialization series of technology projects are regarded as the national Spark projects

2004-02-01 Fruit and vegetable processing technology products of new technology research and development projects of scientific progress whip second prize

2004-02-01 ZHOU Wei-li, president of the district by the Science and Technology Progress Award

2005-04-01 ZHOU Wei-li, president of outstanding performance was due to the selection of top-notch technical talent City

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